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The sun powers everything that grows on Earth. Clean, safe, and infinite. A source of energy we can trust to power our world, with no harm to our planet.

We at Pavithram Energy see the sun as our energy of tomorrow for generations to come. We aim for the future by thinking long-term, consistently seeking harmony between our business goals and sustainable outcomes for humanity. We work to bring affordable Solar Photovoltaic energy-powered systems closer to meet needs of all energy power consumers.

We have our corporate office in Chennai and is currently an emerging expert player in the Solar Photovoltaic industry. We strive to deliver state-of-the-art quality projects with the highest levels of technology to drive the vision of a green planet, empowering our solar energy solutions with higher affordability, enhanced efficiency, and exceptional productivity.


To emerge as an Expert & Professional in Renewable Energy Sector by providing Innovative & Sustainable Energy solutions to the End users.


  • Create Clean & Eco friendly Nation through Renewable Energy.
  • Attain High level of Customer satisfaction & Positive Experience.
  • Provide High quality & Innovative Solutions on Renewable energy.
  • Professional and High Standard installations.





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